Potent Undeclared Ingredients Found in Six Han's Cosmetic Products

Singapore's Health Sciences Authority (HSA) has issued a public alert that they have tested and found 6 of Han's products which contained potent undeclared ingredients. Some of the ingredients includes hydroquinone, tretinoin, mercury and salicylic acid. These ingredients are prohibited to be used in skincare products and should be only issued under detailed medical supervision as they may cause harm if not being used properly.

The six products that are found having such ingredients are:

  1. Han's Skin Care Flawless Day Cream
  2. Han's Skin Care Flawless Night Cream
  3. Han's Skin Care Treatment Toner
  4. Han's Skin Care TRIAL Flawless Day Cream
  5. Han's Skin Care TRIAL Flawless Night Cream
  6. Han's Skin Care TRIAL Treatment Toner
Ingredients And Their Side Effects

Hydroquinone  - Used in western prescription medicine. Inappropriate usage could result in change of skin colour and hypersensitivity reactions.

Tretinoin - Also being used in western prescription medicine. Inappropriate usage could lead to skin redness and peeling of skin. 

Mercury - Regular application could lead to rash, skin discolouration and blotching.

Salicylic - High level of usage could lead to dry, irritated and red skin. 

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